Alyssa Heeter

Alpha Gamma Delta


Munster, IN

Psychology & Pre-Law

Chapter Philanthropy:
Diabetes Awareness and Education

Main Philanthropy Event: Breakfast of Champions


In 2008 a devastating flood hit my home town and I had the opportunity to be a part of the most amazing show of community I have ever seen. During the flood I volunteered at the fire department with hundreds of other students and community members filling sand bags for families to take to try to protect their homes. In the weeks following the flood we went to homes affected and helped fix the damage, for some homes this was just cleaning for others it was a full demolition. Throughout high school I was very active at the local elementary school. I led both the Junior Achievement and Art in Action programs in the second grade. On my winter break I had the privilege to work at the Salvation Army and give Christmas gifts and more importantly winter coats to those who were without. Here at IU I look forward to wroking with my sisters to bettering Bloomington together.

In high school I attended Saint Mary of Notre Dame's summer leadership program. We cultivated qualities one looks for in a leader, since that camp I feel that I use much of what they taught me in my day to day life. I have learned problem solving skills that help me succeed both in school and the work place. The most important thing I have learned about leadership I learned while teaching programs at an elementary school in my home town and that is it requires a lot of patience. Whether dealing with small children or grown adults, being a leader means taking the time to make sure everyone feels that their ideas are heard and considered but at the end of the day doing what is best for everyone.