Laurel Crutchfield

Alpha Omicron Pi


Indianapolis, IN

General Studies, Certificate in Journalism
Minor:Music, Spanish, History

Chapter Philanthropy:
Strike Out Arthritis

Main Philanthropy Event:

As a member of the Morale Committee on IUDM for the past 4 years, I have not only raised thousands of dollars for Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, but have been to countless high schools across the state of Indiana to motivate dancers and keep them excited at their high school marathons.  At some of these marathons, my job was to teach the dancers (who usually had no prior experience in the dance marathon setting!) the line dance that would keep them energized and occupied for the duration of their (sometimes long!) marathons! I also spent my Freshman year spring break in Guatemala with the Timmy Foundation, providing translation and medical services to the citizens of 5 different villages there.