Haley Lamp

Phi Mu

Age: 19

Westfield, IN

Nutrition Science, Spanish, Chemistry

Chapter Philanthropy:

Main Philanthropy Event:
DePhi the MUsic

I have been apart of many church ran organizations like food pantries, family adoptions, and guardian angels. Through my school I volunteered my time through student council where I planned many community based events like movie nights, carnivals, and recognition dinners. I was a part of National Honors Society where I had to complete hours of various different times of volunteer work. I was also a member of 4H where I participated in raising money for scholarships given to children within the 4H community. Here at IU I am a member of the Global Medical Brigades and I will be joining them on their volunteer trip to Ghana this summer.

Through out all my grade school years I held a captain ranking in each of my soccer teams. In high school I was a 4 year varsity player and held a captains position. In student council I was voted Vice President.